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   Bayside College is a small, friendly, family-run English College. The owners (Stephen and Sarah Fynmore) are at the College every day to look after the students and to help students feel at home in Melbourne. Our mission is to teach the highest quality English courses and provide a friendly, relaxed environment so that you really enjoy your time in Melbourne. We are Australian owned and financially secure.
   Here you'll find a wide mix of nationalities - we have students from Europe, South America and Asia (see our current Nationalities Mix chart).
   All teachers are highly experienced and have specialist qualifications in teaching English as a second language. Bayside College is fully compliant with the ELICOS National Standards and accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

Testimonials from our students

“Almost 2 years have passed since the first time I went to Bayside and started this chapter of my life as an international student in Australia. Many good things have happened during this time but for sure most of the best ones where while studying at Bayside. I can still remember many great moments shared in that warm and friendly school where many friendships were made and still stand today.
It was great in many aspects. The teachers were professional, kind, and always ready to help us with a smile on their face. About the school, it has everything you need to feel always welcome and happy to be there. It has a nice backyard with BBQ, ping-pong table and chairs to relax and chill – it sounds pretty cool, especially in summer ah? Located in St. Kilda beach, there is no better place to stay with your classmates after finishing class. You can go for a coffee, have a walk along the beach, go to the end of the pier and try to find penguins, and if you are more like me, you will be happy to know there are lots of pubs as well .
Now, if you really have a clear goal regarding to your English level and are considering it as an initial step in your way to settle down in Australia, you can keep studying in the school after class for even up to 4 more hours; the learning material is there, the human resources are there. So no excuses, let’s go for it and succeed!”
— Sebastian Cortés Motta from Colombia
“I really enjoyed this college. The atmosphere is friendly and fun and the teachers are great”
— Maria from Colombia
"I was one of the lucky people who chose Bayside College. This is the best college I’ve ever been to. They give great advice about life in Melbourne and the teachers really cared about me"
— Yang Kyung from Korea
“Bayside College is a small college with a very friendly and supportive staff. I really improved from a basic level to achieve my goal of IELTS 7.0. The teachers are really competent and willing to assist you in achieving success with your English skills. Moreover, this college is a good place to meet new people and study in a fun atmosphere. Personally, I had a great time at bayside and I reached my objective at the same time”
— Lise from France
“This college is located in a beautiful area very close to the beach, easy to reach and not as busy as the City Centre. I will miss the college and would like to say thank you to everybody”
— Christopher from Switzerland
“I was very satisfied with the quality of the classes and really, really impressed by the teachers’ passion! I can’t help loving this college. Thank you all”
— Ji Hye from Korea
“2009年初我完成了维州教师资格课程,苦于英语水平不理想的我通过google找到了Bayside英语学院。在这里,我以取得雅思高分为动力开始了新的一轮英语学习。曾认为自己英文基础还可以,却困惑雅思考试总得不到高分。在高级班(IELTS CLASS) 的Symon和 Claudia(现雅思考官)两位老师的帮助下,我找到了自己很多弱点,特别是语法和发音习惯,在老师们的指点下得到了惊人的提高。入学一个月后我又试考了一次雅思,各项成绩都有提高,特别是口语,从6.5提高到8分。 因为打算在澳洲从事教师职业,我的英语学习目标定的较高。能达到这个目标,我还需要更多时间。但在Bayside, 我已经找到了努力的方向。有了Bayside 专业的指导,我相信我的理想很快就会实现”
— 学生 李禾
“Definiré esta experiencia con una palabra... ¡"amazing"! El personal es muy agradable y te ayudará siempre que lo necesites, los profesores son nativos, muy preparados y profesionales, te apoyan mucho en el día a día. Está situada en una zona muy tranquila del barrio de St.Kilda, con aulas muy confortables para estudiar. El ambiente es muy bueno y me gustaría hacer mención a las barbacoas. ¡Momentos inolvidables!”
— Victor Alcon from Spain


You’ll enjoy studying in our gorgeous light-filled mansion – just 200 metres from beautiful St Kilda Beach, and just a minute’s walk from the nearest tram-stop. With large windows in every classroom, and a sunny garden for relaxing and socialising, you couldn’t ask for more...


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Presents from our students

A student of Bayside - Federica Roselli - made this short video as a promo for us.
Thank you Federica!